Lay Down. Float Away. ADAM PILLOWS


Adams Pillows. Float on clouds. With traction.
Custom-made floor cushions for indoor and outdoor use.High quality workmanship, unique design.Natural posture, natural materials.Each cushion represents a unique tailor-made design, according to your wishes – each cushion always winning the debate… get up, or stay seated? Adam Pillows – the heavenly way to enjoy life; all natural, highly comfortable, extremely healthy.
Adam Pillows – Yvonne, not Eve
The Company, Adam Pillows, is as extraordinary as the CV of Yvonne Adam: The founder of the small, fine manufacturing company, not only has a degree in interior decoration and upholstery, but also in sociology. As much as Adam Pillows’ products are an expression of craftsmanship and a keen sense of aesthetics, likewise you can sense the interest in social contexts interwoven into the work. Who acts, accepts responsibility; the actions of the individual is key. Yvonne Adam reflects this sentiment with the idea of sustainability – this is implemented from start to finish with selection of materials to the chosen method of delivery.
Adam Pillows – ecological, first-class craftsmanship that lasts forever and helps people rediscover their natural posture, in a most relaxing way.

Material and quality

We want to make your life healthier, more beautiful and comfortable. We respect your nature as well as nature in general. The use of one hundred percent natural materials not only protects the environment but also ensures that your pillow doesn’t get too hot in the sun or not too cold in the shade. Compliance with the OEKO-TEX®Standard 100* is a given for us. CFC’s are also avoided, as well as allergenic materials. Our products are delivered to our customers via DHL GoGreen, the environmentally-friendly package service of Deutsche Post. And because the product is only sustainable if it lasts a long time, you can expect carefully produced and weather-resistant cushions. Double seam and flat seam stitching prevent damage to the seams and the sewn-in zipper ensures that you can remove and wash the pillowcase. This insures the longevity and long term enjoyment of your pillow.
* Products which carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 hallmark are ensured to comply with the following:- free from allergenic dyes, comply with the limits for pesticides, which also apply to fruit and vegetables- exposure to sweat maximally releases quantities of heavy metals such as are allowed in drinking water- contain no dyes, which are considered carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens- contain significantly less formaldehyde than is legislated by German law- have a skin-friendly pH value.


Down to earth. With Adam Pillows.
Do you remember the carefree times of your childhood? When you grabbed your favorite cushion and made yourself comfortable on the floor to read a book, to solve a jigsaw puzzle or to watch some TV?Very good! Then one more question: Why do you prefer chairs today?As a child, you instinctively chose the healthiest, most natural position. And of course you couldn’t just sit still: At one moment you had your cushion under your elbows, the next you would be leaning your back against it, or your head upon it. The point is there was always movement, finding the most relaxing position imaginable. As you got older, you went through the same development like all humans before you, only in a much shorter time: the older you become and the taller you get, the farther away you are from the ground - and a natural posture. Adam Pillows takes you back in time in a way that not only pampers your back and neck, but also allows you to feast your eyes.


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