Try Sleeping on Cloud Nine!

Use the comfort of the floorcushion in your everyday life and have your next flight be a pleasant experience! Wether you are a pilot or a simple passenger- sleeping comfortably in an airplane is a daring feat. You can blame it on the lack of space and therefore the inability to stretch out, rest cozy and conveniently in the way you are used to at home. Especially the attendants of night or long distance flights will know this problem all to well! With the „MINI“ by ADAM PILLOWS we want to solve this dilemma! Quit the muscle tension, head or backache and choose your very own „MINI“ by ADAM PILLOWS! And while you're sleeping anyways why not try and continue napping in your conference room? Why? Because letting go while flying will make you understand what floating feels like!



Lay Down. Float away. Adam Pillows!

With the „MINI“ by ADAM PILLOWS you purchase a comfortable pillow in three sizes – small, medium and large. The handmade, breathable, washable and immensely resilient oekotex certified material is of high quality and longevity. The haptic of the used fabric is tangibly soft, slinky and will render you the feeling of your childhood's secureness. The puffy foam flake padding is ergonomically designed! It adapts to the individual posture of your head, it offers you an ideal support and it helps you to relive your upper backmuscles to prevent any type of neck or backache in order for you to be able to endure a long distance flight with little to no notable discomfort! Another highlight is the included bag! Rolled up and compressed to more than half its size you can easily carry your „MINI“ by ADAM PILLOWS in your handluggage!

Be open, rest your head in luxury at any time and use the „MINI“ by ADAM PILLOWS in your car, the train or even at the camping!
ADAM PILLOWS – the paradisaical way to enjoy life: all natural, highly comfortable, very healthy!