Down to earth. With ADAM PILLOWS

Do you remember the carefree times of your childhood? When you grabbed your favorite cushion and made yourself comfortable on the floor to read a book, to solve a jigsaw puzzle or to watch some TV?Very good! Then one more question: Why do you prefer chairs today?As a child, you instinctively chose the healthiest, most natural position. And of course you couldn’t just sit still: At one moment you had your cushion under your elbows, the next you would be leaning your back against it, or your head upon it. The point is there was always movement, finding the most relaxing position imaginable. As you got older, you went through the same development like all humans before you, only in a much shorter time: the older you become and the taller you get, the farther away you are from the ground - and a natural posture.

Adam Pillows takes you back in time in a way that not only pampers your back and neck, but also allows you to feast your eyes.