The Big by ADAM PILLOWS is more than just a floorcushion! It's a multifunctional asset to your housing and garden space! Choose from our variety of fabrics and customize your very own Big by ADAM PILLOWS! Use our additional belts to transform your cushion into a sofa, a spare bed or roll it up and add it to your lounge area as an extra backrest. This handmade floorcushion will win you over with its tire grip and the comforting features of the chenille blended fabric such as skin- friendliness, breathability and longevity!
The Big by ADAM PILLOWS is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will render you a permanent feeling of comfort and relaxation!
Sit well, Sleep well - ADAM PILLOWS.





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- With or without Velcro fastening/ Velcro belt
- With Zipper
- Suitable for peeling and washing