Night Night Sleep Tight!

Embrace our Sleeping Seat by ADAM PILLOWS!
Here is how it works:
Choose one of our BIG floor cushions by ADAM PILLOWS and wrap it to a big sleeping seat by using the additional belts or purchase our prefabricated small sleeping seat and fold it out to obtain a conjoined backrest and lying surface! The backrest is stiffened by a wood panel which is covered in fabric and fastened with Velcro strips.
The worked in foam flakes will make your sleeping experience even more cozy and fluffy and will render you a very good night rest!
Choose your desired fabric and color and enjoy sleeping BIG!
Lay down, float away ADAM PILLOWS!



Create your very own cushion!

Should it be the dynamic polka fabric or rather the more serene striped style? Have it your way! Just click on the “material selection” button, select you fabric and size and send us your request via email or use our contact area. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!









• With belt ore wood panel
• With zipper
• Suitable for peeling and washing