Children understand the surrounding world by touching and grabbing it. That leads to exploring expeditions through the house. From a developmental psychology point of view, this is very important for the development of the child. Kids prefer soft and cuddly fabrics when it comes to plush toys and cushions and they like to build caves out of all kinds of pillows in any given size. You’ll find these “building sites” in every child's room and they need that haven far away from their family and their daily struggles. For most of the kids time for phantasy and dreams is an essential need and cosy places are an important part of it. That animal shaped toys and pillows are suitable for children and cause fascination and enthusiasm has been proved in numerous studies.




Why ist the ADAM PILLOWS-Children‘s Collection so outstanding?

This particular Collection tries to respect and consider the needs of children mentioned before.Drafting the collection we were always thinking about the capabilities and interests of children and their parents.
Luckily we already received feedback from parents and kids, who already integrated the pillows into their daily routine.
Why choose ADAM PILLOWS?

• The pillows can be used as a haven for silent moments, for example to read out your kid’s favourite books before bedtime.
  „It’s a compromise between sofa and bed. I lie or sit with my daughter Luisa (5 years) on the pillows and I even enjoy the cozy place myself.”

• Especially the playful hook-and-loop tape elements of ADAM PILLOWS‘ cushions – be it an animal’s eye or the points of a ladybug – are highly inviting to play   a shorter or longer game.
„Tom (1,4 years) likes to rip off the points of the lady bug pillow. He does that for hours and hours and he’s no longer re-sorting our book shelf.“

• Hook-and-loop tape is a resilient material and the special noise which the child hears by ripping off the elements is a good exercise for the sense of hearing  and the rough surface of the tape is a challenge for the sense of touch. In addition the kid learns how to apply the proper force.
„Finn (1,6 years) has to work hard to rip off the hook-and-loop tape. But he’s always rewarded by the sizzling noise.”

• Freedom needs flexibility – also when it comes to fabrics. Therefore we choose weather-resistant fabrics, which can be used in- or outside. In case the pillows get wet or dirty, they dry fast and are easy to wash.
„Torben (5 years) does not leave the house without his elephant-pillow. He even took it to a camping trip to have something familiar with him to avoid homesickness. When we came home I could easily wash it and the pillow didn’t even loose its bright colours.”